Wondering why some frames look good on a particular set of people only? What is the connection between face shapes and glasses? Or, let's say that you find good eyeglasses/ sunglasses at an optical shop but when you brought them home, they didn't look good on you! Well, we ensure this won't happen again as this guide on how to choose the right glasses for your face shape is here for your rescue. 

Different Glasses Based on Face Shape

Here is the list of different glass frame types for face shape for almost everyone: 

Glasses for Square Face

A square-shaped face has a strong jawline and attractive angular lines. Hence, they need such frames for face shape that can balance and soften their angular lines. Hence aviators, Wayfarer, oval, round, clubmasters or suit-curved glasses would be the best for them.

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Glasses for Triangular Face

Such people have narrow foreheads that broaden at the chin and cheek areas. To add width and highlight the thin upper third of your eye, you'll need glasses for head shape that are heavily underlined with color and accentuation at the top half (eyebrow) of the frame. Hence Aviators, Clubmasters, oval & round glasses suits the best at triangle face shapes.

Glasses for Heart shaped Face

Heart shapes faces are rarely found faces yet have very limited options to try on like aviators, rectangular and square shape frames.

Glasses for Oval Face

An oval shape is highly versatile which means that almost all glasses for your face shape which suit you. There are various categories of colors and sunglasses too that will look good on you! Aviators, Wayfarer, Clubmasters,rectangular & square glasses suits the best.

Glasses for a Round Face

A round face shape has bent lines with width and length in similar extents and no points. To cause a round face to seem narrower and longer, try angular tight eyeglass casings to lengthen the face. Glasses with a clear scaffold, aviators and rectangular frames that are broader than they are profound also can be great decisions.


In conclusion, there are different types of eyeglasses for almost all face types. Be it the selection of suitable glasses for head shape or sunglasses, there is one choice that you shouldn't miss out on. Yes, we're talking about Oscareye! Contact us and start shopping now! 



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